You are officially welcome to the most prestigious Youth and World transformers website. Please feel relaxed as you surf through this intricate website. Before then, please cease this opportunity as we skim you on DIVINE VISIONARY CONSULT INTERNATIONAL.

Divine Visionary Consult Int. is a team of young and gifted undergraduate and graduate motivators and entrepreneurs around the globe who seek to impact their societies most especially the youths with positive attitude, skills and encouragements for self development. Divine Visionary Consult (DVC)  Is both an international and local Volunteering Non-governmental Organization (NGO) group which is committed to providing high quality standard of global youth education, training, consultation and motivational services which tends to raise the standards for deprived youth and students in our societies and make their talents and ambitions known and accomplished in our societies via our daisy services which we tend to provide.

At DVC, we believe that the true success of the committed efforts of our past and recent leaders towards development highly depends on how the future leaders (i.e. Youth) uphold and continue these efforts to its fullest. We also believe the true resources of a country are the Youth as such when well polished and developed the more expensive and useful they become to their nation.

DVC as a group is one of the best noted Youth group due to its DIVINE nature;

  • Determination:  ----  We as a group are firm and focused on our objectives, intentions and  resolutions in  producing a well equipped and independent youth.
  • Innovative:     ----    Creativity is our Hall mark. we constantly introduce influencing, creative ideas among the youths so as to match current world challenges Boot for Boot
  • Volunteerism:  ---    As a team, we are committed to offer freely services that will yield positive outcomes.
  • Interesting:     --- We arouse curiosity and stimulate thought provoking issues among members thus avoid boredom.
  • Networked:    --- We are very much networked among other sister youth organization so as to bring the best for our members
  • Expertise:      --- We as a group are noted for our great deal of knowledge, skills, experience and high rank of workmanship which we employ in our services.

                                "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning but anyone
                                       can start today and make a new ending"  
-- Maria Robinson

SLOGAN: DVC..........Inspiring the youth to Aspire to greater heights

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